Stand Out

Stand Out.

GiftHopper Pro helps you open doors, close sales, and generate referrals.

  • We prepare, package, and mail beautifully hand-packed gifts with your personal printed or handwritten message.
  • We help you design your own custom packaging and include your own material (business cards, brochures).
  • Send your branded gift anytime by ordering on the site or through our Chrome App.

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How It Works

1. Sign Up and Onboard Your Team.

When you register as a member of GiftHopper Pro, you will be provided with a direct contact at GiftHopper Pro -- your team's "gifting assistant". Your gifting assistant will ask for some basic information and preferences to create your custom packaging which will be used to send your gifts. Custom packaging includes box color, filler color, company logo on the box and stationery, and return address. After custom packaging is set up, you can invite your sales or support representatives to join for $25/month/user.

2. Streamline Gifting (Let It Run).

Your team can now experience the convenience of GiftHopper Pro's rapid ordering process and integrations. They will perform gifting with the product selection you have made available while remaining within the gifting budget you set. You can adjust budgets, product selections, or packaging preferences when needed.

3. Monitor, Sustain, and Reinvent.

You have now experienced the impact of business gifting and see how it's closing more business and generating more leads. We can optimize budgets and audiences to your liking. Next, we can explore new campaigns for holidays, business cycles, or just ensuring gifts are aligned with trends and your audience's interests.


GiftHopper Pro

per month (includes 1-3 users)

($100 for campaign setup)

  • Custom Branded Packaging
  • Your Return Address
  • CRM Integration
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Include Your Own Product

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per month

(Plus Membership Fee)

Create your own kit - we will warehouse and ship on demand.
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Once you sign up, here's what to expect

Choose custom packaging.

Your designated GiftHopper Pro gifting assistant will help you select packaging color, stationery, marketing material, and other features.

Curate gifts and set budget.

Determine what gifts you would like your team to select from, or add your own products. Easily allocate purchasing credit to your team members.

Invite your team.

Once your custom features are set up, invite your sales/support team and start reaping the benefits of gifting. Your gifting assistant will provide training and support.