Your “Thank you” Service.

We prepare, package, and mail beautifully hand-packed gifts on your behalf with your personal message.

  • Your Brand
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Our Pro Service

Integrate gifting and shipping into your sales and customer service process.

We ship gifts on your behalf in your branded packaging.

Add your marketing materials and pre-select your gifts.

Curate your own gift selection and manage your team.

Connect directly from Outreach.io and MoxiWorks to GiftHopper.

What People Say

"We use GiftHopper on a regular basis to send special gifts to our top customers. Not only do I love the selection of products offered but their customer service is second to none! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything they’ve done over the years to help our business grow!"

Beth Lack

Manager | Lack’s Cleaning Service


“[T]hank you for helping me pick out the perfect gift for our marketing campaign. It is clear my clients genuinely appreciate the kind gesture. Best of luck to your team!”

Mike Liffrig

Senior Counsel | First Court, Inc.


"I really appreciate your service through all the years. It enables my business to prosper. I want everyone I know, including you and your staff, that I appreciate all [you] did to help build value in my clients’ eye. Thanks again buddy!"

Jerremy Guthrie

Certified NASM Fitness Professional | Training with Jerremy


Preview Gifts

Open Doors. Close Sales. Generate Referrals.

Open Doors

A small, unexpected gift in the mail creates a tangible connection with a prospect, especially when paired with a hand-written note.

  • Cut through cluttered inboxes with a small "door-opener" gift.
  • Allow your team to efficiently ask a high-level prospect for a meeting.
  • Build a rapport before your first phone conversation.

Close Sales

Stand out from your competitors and demonstrate how your company values its business relationships.

  • Don't just be like any other vendor. Invest in long-term relationship building.
  • Provide a tangible connection in a digital, socially-distanced world.
  • Provide the added boost needed to close the deal.

Generate Referrals

Generate referrals by creating goodwill with your referral sources and asking your satisfied customers for referrals.

  • Create goodwill with current customers by demonstrating your sincere appreciation.
  • Ask your top customers for referrals -- don't be shy!
  • Use our handwritten note service to add a personal touch.


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