Premium Membership

Premium Membership

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GiftHopper Premium provides you with all of the features of Gifthopper for Business (seen below), but with the following extra services:

  • Your own "gifting assistant."  We provide you with a dedicated person who will know you by name and get to know your business. You can text them, email them, or even set up a phone call with them to plan your gifting strategy. You can place orders through them -- including custom orders.
  • Order by text message.  If you're a professional on the go, being able to simply text your gifting assistant with any orders could be a lifesaver. When you come out of a business meeting, you can send a quick text message and know that a fabulous, thoughtful follow-up gift will be showing up in the mail.
  • Pre-scheduled gifting.  Give us a list of upcoming events, birthdays, or other events -- we'll remind you as they approach and be ready to ship on your behalf.

Features included in both Gifthopper for Business and GiftHopper Premium:

  • Your logo and stationary.  We set up custom packaging so each shipment looks like it was shipped from your office! Just upload your logo and we do the rest. Once you're satisfied with your packaging, we'll get it in stock so we're ready for any orders you place.
  • We will stock your favorite products.  Pick a couple of your favorite items that you plan to order regularly and we'll make sure they're in stock for you. Choose from virtually anything sold by any of our vendors.
  • Order by email.  Just send us an email and we'll take care of your order!
  • Event-based gifting.  Some of our business clients have given us a default message for all their new customers. They simply send us spreadsheets of their new customers and we personalize each package and ship. It's a great way to make a super first impression. Other events: client birthdays, employee achievements, client anniversaries, or "just because" gifts... whatever works best for your business!


To get started, just fill out the information on the right. If you are unsatisfied, we offer a full refund on the membership for 30 days.

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