Why Thank You?

"Thank you" is one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language.

It's one thing to feel appreciation for your client, contact, or employee. It's quite another to demonstrate it in a meaningful way. Don't lose an opportunity to make the thought count!

The GiftHopper Formula:

Personal Message + Unexpected Package = GiftHopper Serendipity

Show Genuine Appreciation

So much of 21st century commerce is impersonal. When it comes to trusted service providers, however, loyalty and trust are important. How do you stand out?

Ashley sends a little $10 gift when she gets a larger order from a customer. It's a great way to convey to these customers that the owner really values their business.

Build Authentic Connections

Do your clients think of "the insurance company" or of Frank? Be more than a corporate brand -- be a trusted professional. Be someone your clients like doing business with!

Dr. Steven works in a medical context, where new clients are often anxious about their upcoming treatment. So he has GiftHopper welcome each client with a candle and a little welcome message.

Increase Retention

Everyone loves a surprise gift! It conveys that you are appreciated and valued. It's not the price, but the thought that counts. A personal message from you is included with each GiftHopper gift.

To Jerremy, a personal fitness trainer, encouragement is a big part of his work. With a simple email to his contact at GiftHopper, he gets a thoughtful message and gift into the hands of his clients.

Generate Referrals

It's simple. People talk about what surprises and excites them. (At least we do!) GiftHopper is an opportunity to do the unexpected.

Beth frequently sends delicious caramel popcorn to her carpet cleaning clients after her company has serviced their home. It only costs about $10, but her clients know they are appreciated and valued.

Interested in seeing what this would look like for your business?

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