What We Do

  • We prepare, package, and mail Welcome Boxes and Thank You Boxes on your behalf.
  • Each Welcome Box or Thank You Box includes a small, thoughtful gift and a personal message.
  • For a small setup fee, you can design your own custom packaging -- logo, box color, "stuffing" color, stationary, and return address.
  • Send your Welcome Box or Thank You Box anytime by ordering on the site or emailing us!  Better yet, automate them so new customers automatically get a warm welcome from you.

What's more important for your business? Keeping old customers or finding new ones?

Maybe both! Shop now or explore custom packaging!

GiftHopper is a "thank you service" -- designed to help you generate referrals and foster great customer relationships.

Step 1: Customize Packaging

Choose packaging color and send us your business logo. We will print your custom stationary and brand your box. Then, anytime you place an order, we'll be ready to send it your way. (You can even send us business cards or marketing material to include as well!)  Set up your custom packaging.

Step 2: Select Gifts

Browse our many gift vendors to choose just the right gift to send to your customers, contacts, or employees---and we'll get it in stock for you, ready for your orders! Or, choose from gifts we already have in stock.

Step 3: Prepare Default Message

Provide a default personal message that we will print and send with your packages. This message can be modified for each individual package or kept the same for every customer.

Order Anytime!

Now you're set up... all that remains to do is order when and how you want. We will print your personal message on your business stationary and send your gift. We deliver goodwill to your recipients' doorsteps!

Interested in seeing what this would look like for your business?

Answer a short survey and we will suggest a custom gifting plan for your business.