Build Lifelong Client Relationships!

Accountants, don't take your clients for granted.  Thank them, delight them, and get them talking about you with GiftHopper.  Here's how it works:
  1. We prepare, package, and mail Welcome Boxes or Thank You Boxes on your behalf.
  2. Each Welcome Box or Thank You Box includes a small, thoughtful gift and a personal message, sent with your custom packaging and stationary and your return address.  (Set up your custom packaging here.)
  3. Send your Welcome Box or Thank You Box anytime by ordering on the site or emailing us!  Better yet, automate them so your clients automatically get a package at just the right time (e.g., after tax season, after first contact, etc.).


It's only $9.99 + the cost of the gift.

That includes postage, packaging, and presentation!!!  Many of our gift boxes go out the door for $20 TOTAL.

Setup is only $999.99... I mean $50.00

If it cost a thousand dollars to join GiftHopper, it would be worth it.  But it doesn't.  Custom branding setup is only $50.00.

Have 90 seconds?  Watch this video!

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