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Details Basic Business Premium
Inexpensive Gifting Easy access to inexpensive yet classy gifts that let your client, contact, or employee know you’re thinking of them.
Personal Message The personal message is the key ingredient.  Let your appreciation be known.  A simple, heartfelt thank you means more than you know!

Branded Packaging
We pre-stock your logo, colors, and stationary -- and ship when you're ready.


We don’t overdo branding, because the power of GiftHopper is making a personal connection.  But our branding makes it look like you sent it right from your office.

Order by Email
Just email us and we'll take care of it!

Send a quick email to us -- or send us a spreadsheet with names and addresses -- and we will customize each package.
Pre-scheduled Gifting Provide us a calendar of employee birthdays or client anniversaries.  We’ll notify you as those days approach.  Simply confirm and we’ll send!
Gifting Assistant
Get a designated support person who will help you choose gifts answer your questions, and know you by name.
Having a hard time figuring out what to give a bigger client?  Try a care package! Our Gifting Assistants can plan a super fun custom package with many small gifts inside!
Order by Text
Simply text your Gifting Assistant with what you need.  They will take care of the rest.
Perfect for business development pros on the go.  Come out of a meeting and text your Gifting Assistant the "who, what and where."  They’ll text you back when your order is ready and shipped.