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Roasted Peanuts $9.50
Sweet and Salty Thank-You $22.00
Triple Decker Sour Bears Candy $6.50
Roasted Jumbo Cashews $10.50
Mix It Up Combo Snack Set $24.00
Walkers Chocolate Shortbread Scottie Dogs $13.50
Walkers Scottie Dog Shortbread Cookies $13.50
Celebration Cake: Let's Celebrate - Vanilla $15.50
Walkers Shortbread Animal Shapes $13.50
10-Flavor Jelly Belly Gift Box $14.00
Cinnamon Roasted Pecans $9.50
Tropical Snack Mix $11.00
Large Honey Bee Loose Leaf Breakfast Blend Tea $34.00
Triumph Snack Attack $30.00
Justea Little Berry Hibiscus $25.00
Justea Peppermint Detox $25.00
Nuts about You! $20.00
Sour Strawberries $6.50
Watermelon Slices $6.50
African Spice Blend Set $25.00
African Spice-Hot Rocks $15.00
Celebration Cake: Let's Celebrate - Chocolate $15.50
Mini Tea Tin - Calming Blend $7.20
Moroccan Harissa Spice Blend $15.00
Caramel-Coffee-Ninja $37.00
Spice Rack with African Spice Set $75.00
Sweet Cajun Snack Mix $9.50
Walkers Short Bread Scottie Dog Tin $31.00
Bedford Candies Caramel Popcorn $12.00
Bread Tray Dipping Set $124.00
Eat Your Greens and Get Well Soon $52.00
Eat Your Greens Gift Set $38.50
Early Riser Medium Blend Coffee $21.00
For Caramel Popcorn Lovers! $25.00
International Breakfast Basket with Tea $125.00
Mini Tea Tin - Healing Blend $7.20
Mini Tea Tins - Healing and Calming Combo $12.00
Small Honey Bee Raspberry Oolong Tea $20.00
Small Honey Bee Sencha Green Tea $20.00
Soup's On! $35.70
Taste Now and Taste Later Gift Set $27.00
Vanquisher Snack Attack $66.00

Wooden Serving Set

This set combines a foursome of handcrafted coasters and a wooden board for serving to help hosting go smoothly.

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