The Perfect Gift

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Are you paralyzed by wanting to send a gift but not knowing what to send?  Maybe you believe that a gift would be appropriate to give a contact or client, but you are not confident in what will make the best impression.  

At GiftHopper, we are here to help you select the perfect gift for your recipient.  We have experience and research on our side.  Research, you say?  Yep, it's been studied.

Although gifting may not ever truly be perfect, research shows that there are six principles to giving the perfect gift:

  1. The gift should show that the giver has made some sort of sacrifice;
  2. The giver should be intent on the recipient’s happiness;
  3. The gift should be a luxury;
  4. The gift is distinctively appropriate for the recipient;
  5. The gift surprises the recipient;
  6. The gift is successful in pleasing the recipient.

The perfect gift, in short, is one that delights the recipient.

This is where we at GiftHopper come in.  We have a range of gifts to “delight” your recipient.  In this fast-paced world, taking the time to send the gift is a sacrifice on your part.  We designed our gift selection to make the recipient happy.  Even if you send a useful item, it’s a treat.  When you choose something you know your recipient will love and surprise them with our fast delivery and impeccable packaging, the recipient is sure to be pleased.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you send gifts to wow your recipients!

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