The Business Case for Practicing Gratitude Part I: How to Start Practicing Gratitude

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The Business Case for Practicing Gratitude

Part I: How to Start Practicing Gratitude

The benefits of practicing gratitude—such as taking time to notice things you are thankful for—are well documented.  Psychology Today has referenced research showing that these benefits range from improved physical and psychological health, to better sleep, increased empathy, and even improved relationships.

The benefits of practicing gratitude clearly are expanded when we take time to express our gratitude to those around us. As noted in Forbes:

Gratitude goes hand in hand with the act of giving recognition. When we recognize one another, it makes us even more appreciative and inspires the person we’ve thanked to give that feeling to someone else.”

And what is the result? Forbes says this leads “to a swell in happiness, well-being, morale, energy, and engagement–all of which directly influence performance, productivity, and retention.” 

See the positive cycle? Through regularly expressing gratitude and creating recognition for positive efforts and events, you can help to build a positive pattern that reinforces itself.

Express your gratitude on a post it note

How do you start? Here are three quick tips:

  1. Remember. Begin practicing gratitude. Take time each day, or several times a day, to deliberately remember people and circumstances you are thankful for. If needed, put a daily reminder on your calendar to pause and remember; or, sit down and make a list.
  2. Share. Find a way each day to express your gratitude. A quick thank-you, a phone call, a text, a note. Expressing gratitude doesn’t always need to have something physical attached to it. But, the tangible nature of a note or physical gift can help the expression of appreciation for a team member or colleague to linger. As said in Forbes, “Never underestimate the power of ‘thank you.’”
  3. Act. Sometimes the practice of gratitude can also open doors to serve others in ways you hadn’t thought of before. You may remember times you have been encouraged, mentored, or helped along the wayand get a refreshed energy about doing the same for others.

With the practice of gratitude, we can find additional clarity, purpose, and joy in our day. When we express this gratitude, it can create a positive cycle with our personal and business relationships, and open doors to greater success in the things that matter most.

—The GiftHopper Team

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